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Designer Candle

For your exquisite house, we provide special Designer Candle. This is renowned for its low care requirements, flawless design, and alluring appearance. Our professionals created the lantern candles we provide using highly advanced sculpting technology. They are used in hotels due to its exceptional polish and appearance. Additionally, to meet various client needs, the provided Lantern Candle is offered in both standard and customised styles.

Gel Glasses Candle

Gell Glass Candle

Jel Short Glasses candle

Gel Candle (100-)

Led Fountain Candle

Gel Short Glasses Candle (110-)

Led Multi Colour Candle (24- Per Piece)

Short Gel Glasses candle

Short Gel Glasses Candle (100-)

Rose Floating Candle

Led Floating Water Sensors

Lantern Candle

We are providing exclusive Lantern Candle for your divine home. This is known for its low maintenance, perfectly designed and appealing look. Our provided lantern candle is designed by our experts using very developed sculpting technology. For its manifestation & excellent finish, they are placed in hotels. Also, offered Lantern Candle is available in standard and modified designs to suit different needs of clients.

Mehndi Pillar Candle

Mehndi Pillar Candle gives a soothing and mesmerizing effect when burnt. This pillar candle is used for decoration purpose during Diwali and many other functions. Offered candle is highly demanded by our clients due to its glossy finish and amazing look. With beautiful mild fragrance, offered Mehndi Pillar Candle is known for its amazing look, unique design and glossy finish. Its design and colors makes it one of the most preferred choices of buyers.